I wonder if Mr. Obama is able to find his White House today. #blizzard2016
Meanwhile in Denmark; I bring you the recent week's top stories about counting public flagpoles, and which type of meat to use in meatballs.
RT @BofA_News: How does your country rank globally in tech, innovation & financial dev? Find out https://t.co/LMrdqY1inX #WEF16 https://t.co/WlbympdeDB
RT @business: In the world of ideas, South Korea is king. These are the world's most innovative economies https://t.co/8F0elZkiOB https://t.co/p0c9slImaM
RT @shutupmikeginn: My Christmas gift to the internet is these Where's Waldo pictures with Waldo photoshopped out https://t.co/PIo88oMFn1
There are apparently Star Wars spacecrafts hovering above the city of Copenhagen, according to Google Maps. https://t.co/2tqzgKKLRF
Awesome, just watched the first and the last 10 minutes of a Christmas movie, and you sorta feel you know the whole story.
Mulled wine, Danish apple fritters, and movies. 😃
Just turned on my PSP (PlayStation Portable) for the first time in years. Well, something has indeed changed since back then.