Limited Run leaves Facebook, after discovering that 80% of their paid-for clicks are obtained by ‘bots’

The company “Limited Run” has announced on their Facebook page, that they’re leaving Facebook, after they’ve discovered that around 80% of the advertisement clicks they’re paying for, are obtained by the use of ‘bots’.

Limited Run used six or seven different independent analytics services, including Click and Google Analytics, and they did all more or less give the same result.
The analytic tools showed that 80% of their visitors / clicks from Facebook, were not registering any images. These incoming requests weren’t either loading the client-side assets.
The visitors were also being tracked as “non-standard”-user agents, which means that the “visitors” weren’t using any of the popular and widespread browsers (Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Microsoft Internet Explorer, Apple Safari, Android, iOS, etc.). “Non-standard” is the type, that crawlers and bots usually are being tracked as, because they use some special tools / software for crawling the web.

Limited Run tried to contact Facebook, but the only answer they received, was an automated-message saying that ‘all analytics services track differently’, even though Limited Run pointed out, that they’ve run the test over a month, and could confirm everything.

Limited Run did also change the company’s name, and did therefore request Facebook to change the name of their Facebook business page. But Facebook did allegedly answer by telling them, that they had to spend at least US$2000 more on advertising, before they would change their name.

Limited Run tells in a post on their Facebook page, that this really was the trigger, which made them take the decision.
Limited Run will from a week or so on, only be reachable at their website, and on their Twitter account.


Final Facebook Post – Limited Run / Limited Pressing:

Startup Claims 80% Of Its Facebook Ad Clicks Are Coming From Bots – TechCrunch:

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