About This Site

Hi! 👋 I’m Kasper, and kaspernymand.com is my online journal where I share just about anything going on in my life. Things that interests me, curious stuff that excites me, and generally what I’m up to on a daily basis. You’re more than welcome to stick around. I would love to connect with you! 🥳

You can also see what I’m up to this year and month on my Now page.

About Me

Kasper. Who am I? That’s a good question. Something that I’m often asking myself as well. Well, my name came from Casper the Friendly Ghost which was running in the cinemas around the time when I was born in 1994. The meaning of the name is bringer of treasure. A name that reportedly has Polish origins. However, I was born in Denmark and tend to understand myself as European as well as a Global Citizen. Which brings me to my educational background. I’ve always had a great interest in the cultural and subcultural aspects of society and communities. Various forms of cultures and subcultures is something that I’m always exploring. Thus, I do also consider me a part of many different communities. Both locally and globally, online and offline.

This interest in cultures and subcultures led me to the choice of graduating with a Master of Arts (MA) degree in Culture, Communication and Globalisation from Aalborg University in Denmark. Here I had the opportunity to study with many like-minded people from many walks of life and with many different cultural backgrounds. However, still with this passion for the cultural aspects in common. For my Professional Bachelor’s degree, I graduated in International Sales and Marketing Management from Copenhagen Business Academy and Business Academy Aarhus in Denmark as well. However, again what led me to this study programme was the sociocultural aspects of the marketing studies.

Today, I’m combining these two perspectives and understandings that I’ve acquired from respectively the humanities and social sciences through my master’s degree and the economic and business aspects through my bachelor’s degree. This of course together with my constant exploration and general passion for the cultures, subcultures and the communities that I have the wonderful opportunity of being a part of and connecting with throughout my daily life and journey.

These passions I’m exploring both through my work and in my personal time. What I’m exploring right now can be seen on my Now page. There, I share some of all the projects, cultures and communities that I’m particularly excited about at this very moment. So, feel very free to head over there - and do never hesitate to send me a message anywhere if you want to chat with me. I’m right here! 😊