Rosendahl Design Group A/S
April 2016

The modern Scandinavian design company, Rosendahl Design Group A/S, was looking to expand their group of 7 brands into new markets in Europe. Our job thereby included market analysis of France, budgeting, and suggesting how the company could successfully expand and penetrate the French design, homeware and textile markets.
March 2016

The sharing economy scoring system, deemly, was looking to grow their startup, and awareness within the target group in Denmark. Our job included market analysis of the sharing economy situation in Denmark, particularly the larger cities (incl. Copenhagen), and setting up a marketing-, and campaign plan to help deemly successfully increase awareness, and usage in the targeted segments.
November 2015

The collective fashion online store,, was looking to expand into new markets in Europe. Our job included market research of a set of countries, decision of market to penetrate, and furthermore how to internationalize and build the company in this particular market.


Pilsner Urquell (SABMiller plc)
September 2015

The SABMiller plc owned beer brand, Pilsner Urquell, was looking for strategies to penetrate the on-, and off-trade beer markets in Denmark. Our job included market research of the Danish beer market, and which decisions to take in order to increase awareness, sales and total consumption of that particular brand in Denmark.