Kasper was born September 15, 1994 and raised in Roskilde, Denmark, in the countryside.


Influenced by the modern world technology, the social media culture, and the rapidly changing global markets of our time, started his career as entrepreneur 2 years before attending Cphbusiness, moving in to Copenhagen only later in 2015. Graduating in 2017, looking for new opportunities, and now aiming for the stars. 😜

Minimalist and Traveler. Two words that very much define my lifestyle. I like to keep things simple; so that I'm able to focus on what really matters to me. My interests spand greatly, but what they probably all have in common is a foundation within the subjects of people, lifestyle and culture.

If you want to learn more about my background, you can dig deeper down below, or else I'm a very open individual - so, tap that contact button or find me anywhere around the interwebs under the creative choice - @kaspernymand. 📸

Thanks for visiting my online space! 👍