Kasper was born September 15, 1994 and raised in Roskilde, Denmark, in the countryside.


Influenced by the modern world technology, the social media culture, and the rapidly changing global markets of our time, started my freelance business 2 years before attending Cphbusiness, moving in to Copenhagen only later in 2015. Graduating in 2017. Started doing marketing full-time at Forecast, co-founding UNFORGOTTEN - an agency for international artists, and running my own projects through Kacedia. Moving to Aarhus in 2018, working remotely, and aiming for the stars. ✨

I like to keep things simple and establish a great overview and perspective; so, that I'm able to focus on what really matters to me and my peers. My interests spand greatly, but what they probably all have in common is a foundation within the subjects of people, lifestyle and culture. People and the world is generally what keeps me running, and I'm always open to explore new grounds and opportunities.

If you want to learn more about my background, you can dig deeper down below, or else I'm very open - so, hit that contact button or find me anywhere around the interwebs under the nickname - @kaspernymand. 📸 Seriously, do it! 😜

Thanks for visiting my online space! 👍

Kasper and I worked on a very long and time-consuming series of English conversations, from what I have experienced he has a highly intuitive understanding of the language. He also exhibits a keen sense of judgment and enjoyment in sharing responsibility, which alongside his culture, makes him a valuable team player and a natural leader.
— Cláudio Luís Melo Bichuetti

Board Certified Acupuncture Physician at Clínica Bichuetti de Medicina, Uberaba Area, Brazil

Work Experience

Marketing Manager at Forecast
(January 2017 - present)

Powering Successful Projects

Forecast is an AI powered resource & project management platform for companies that care about delivering projects on time, on scope, and on budget. Workflow, scheduling, budgeting, estimations, insights, etc. are all a part of the solution. Easy-to-use, and available directly in your web browser or mobile apps at anytime.

Announcing Forecast 2.0

Business Administration and Support at UNFORGOTTEN
(February 2016 - present)

International Artist Agency • Art Event Planning & Consulting

We represent a group of independent artists, and make the connection between artists and businesses.

Treasurer at Coding Pirates Roskilde
(November 2016 - present)

Coding Pirates is an organization in Denmark that makes room for children between 7-17 to come, play, have fun and be creative with technology in various different ways.

Marketing Intern at Forecast
(June 2016 - December 2016)

Project Portfolio Management SaaS System
Project Managers use Forecast to plan, budget, and run projects, predictably, profitably, and with unprecedented ease of use.

Forecast provides intelligent project insights using artificial intelligence (AI) for better business decisions, through vital visual feedback that is easy to understand, and based on new machine-learning technologies. This ensures a continued improving algorithm to predict, and run agile / scrum, and waterfall projects.

Volunteer at Coding Pirates
(March 2016 - present)

Coding Pirates is an organization in Denmark that makes room for children between 7-17 to come, play, have fun and be creative with technology in various different ways.

Founder at Kacedia
(September 2014 - present)

Kacedia is operating as an umbrella for different projects, but with the main categories of marketing and personal coaching.

Education Experience

2018 - 2020
Business Academy Aarhus
Aarhus, Denmark

Bachelor of International Sales and Marketing Management

  • The Company's Strategic Basis (Business Model): B2C, B2B, B2G
  • The Customer as the Starting Point
  • Industry and Competitors
  • Sales Management and the Sales Development of the Company

2015 - 2017
Copenhagen Business Academy (Cphbusiness)
Copenhagen, Denmark

Academy Profession in Marketing Management

  • Marketing
  • International Marketing
  • Statistics
  • Corporate Analysis, Budgeting, Optimization
  • Micro Economics
  • Macro Economics
  • Communication
  • Human Resources
  • Supply Chain (+ Business Model Canvas)
  • Innovation
  • Business Law
  • Cultural Analysis
  • Organization
  • Project Management
  • Negotiation

2011 - 2014
Roskilde Business College
Roskilde, Denmark

The Higher Commercial Examination (HHX)
IT & Marketing

  • Marketing A
  • Danish A
  • English A
  • Spanish A
  • International Economics B
  • IT B
  • Mathematics B
  • Contemporary History B
  • Managerial Economics B
  • Commercial Law C
  • Marketing Communication C
  • Social Science C
  • Case Study

2000 - 2011
Roskilde, Denmark

Elementary School


MediaCom Denmark
December 2018

Part 1: How does the organisational culture influence the company’s innovative capacity?
Part 2: How can MediaCom increase customer satisfaction by improving the quality of relationships?

Rosendahl Design Group A/S
April 2016

The modern Scandinavian design company, Rosendahl Design Group A/S, was looking to expand their group of 7 brands into new markets in Europe. Our job thereby included market analysis of France, budgeting, and suggesting how the company could successfully expand and penetrate the French design, homeware and textile markets.


March 2016

The sharing economy scoring system, deemly, was looking to grow their startup, and awareness within the target group in Denmark. Our job included market analysis of the sharing economy situation in Denmark, particularly the larger cities (incl. Copenhagen), and setting up a marketing-, and campaign plan to help deemly successfully increase awareness, and usage in the targeted segments.


November 2015

The collective fashion online store, miinto.dk, was looking to expand into new markets in Europe. Our job included market research of a set of countries, decision of market to penetrate, and furthermore how to internationalize and build the company in this particular market.


Pilsner Urquell (SABMiller plc)
September 2015

The SABMiller plc owned beer brand, Pilsner Urquell, was looking for strategies to penetrate the on-, and off-trade beer markets in Denmark. Our job included market research of the Danish beer market, and which decisions to take in order to increase awareness, sales and total consumption of that particular brand in Denmark.


Social Media Winter Camp 2016